The Lord Jesus Loves Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church of the Korean Presbyterian Church (Joint) Global General Assembly of the Presbytery Synod of East USA. It believes in the Triune God and does its best to spread the love of Jesus Christ and the gospel of the kingdom to the world based on the Bible-centered, church-centered, and Reformed faith base.

The first meaning of the name “Lord Jesus Love Church” is that it is a church that loves the Lord Jesus, that is, a church that loves Jesus, who is the King of all and Lord of Lords.
The Lord loved us, even to the death on the cross. When we too love our Lord Jesus with all our heart, mind, and soul, we become one with those we love. Our Lord, Jesus will become one with us through His heart and we become one with Him. We will become a church that forms one body, our Lord as the head and we as the body of the church.

The second meaning is when the church becomes like this, it has the meaning of becoming a church loved by our Lord, Jesus, where the love of the Lord overflows within us.
We earnestly hope that all of us will become “the church that our Lord, Jesus loves, the church that loves our Lord Jesus.” To become laborers of the new covenant, and to live in the kingdom on earth just as Jesus did.

Founding Pastor
Rev. Pastor Joshua Kang